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We are a privately owned independent investment consulting firm specializing in assisting foreign investors to invest in Iran’s emerging market.
We strongly believe that Iran is going to be the best emerging market ever. It has all the conditions to be defined as the best market. It has the largest oil and Gas reserves with hugely diverse economy and fully functioning stock market. Current 2015 market capitalization is about $160 billion ( if it is added to the global frontier market index it would be 25% of the index…) Iran with a population of nearly 80 million, and an excellent geographical location has the 27th largest economy ($437 Billion) Other than having very well educated people and low wages, it has very low debts. Other than having a great potential in the current traditional market sectors ( metals, mining, oil and Gas and telecommunication and banks) many more opportunities are available in Consumer, industrial and Manufacturing sectors.with the sanctions dropping , invest in Iran with us, We will make you money.

Starting or developing a business in Iran will be the core of social change and raise more assets for all parties. We are delighted to invite you taking a look at what Iran has to offer.
InvestServicesGroup is always ready to assist its clients to effectively manage their workplace in an efficient and risk-free manner that best suits their needs.
We at InvestServicesGroup IRAN are proud to have a Great business intelligence network which allows us to get local knowledge in places our competitors cannot. We achieve success using a global network of professionals specially trained in Detecting Market Opportunities ,Artificial Intelligence in Financial Data Analysis ,Portfolio Management and Risk Management

Shahram Jenab
Senior Manager
Email: CEO{at}