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For Foreign Investors, Traders, Companies:

  • Company Administration
  • Legal & Attorney Services
  • Accounting & Taxing Services
  • Trading Import-Export Services
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Introducing Expert Teams & Hiring Employee
  • Registering Company & Opening Bank Accounts
  • Introducing Law, Acts & Regulations & Related Organizations
  • Providing Blue-chips, Opportunities To Invest, Buy or Procure
  • Represent and Promote your Product and Services in Iran Market
  • Find Iranian Partner who meet your business requirements
  • Offer Feasibility and Marketing studies
  • Facilitate your participation in Iran fairs and expositions


For Iranian Domestic Project Owners, Traders, Companies:

  • Consultant services
  • Providing Finance & Credit Lines
  • Providing Business Plan, Feasibility Study
  • Obtaining Representative & Brand Franchise 
  • Introducing Plans, Projects, Start-Ups To Potential Investors & Lenders
  • Offer Trade in Global Scale
  • Create appropriate platforms for Manufacturing, Logistics and Trade
  • Expert Sales in Europe
  • Increased Distribution of Goods and Services



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