Iran Air CEO: Seven new planes to join Iran’s fleet

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Seven commercial airplanes would be added to Iran’s fleet by the end of this year, said Iran Air’s top manager.

We are going “to receive another five ATRs until the end of 2017, starting in August or September, and a further eleven in 2018, bringing it to the total 20 we ordered. And from Airbus, we hope to receive two A320s by the end of the year,” said Farhad Parvaresh, Managing Director of Iran Air, in an interview with the American magazine Airways, answering a question on how many new aircrafts Iran will get this year.

“We are intentionally building up the new fleet slowly because we have to manage the arrivals and train pilots and technicians,” he added.

As to recent Gulf Persian region developments’ influence on Iran’s aviation operations, he said that there were about one hundred more overflights a day than before.

“But it doesn’t affect us in any way. There is no issue: Iranian airspace could accept many more aircraft,” Parvaresh added.

Last week, some Persian Gulf Arab states cut their ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism. They closed their transit links, including their airspace to the tiny gas-rich Persian Gulf state.

He also expressed optimism over the renewal process of Iranian fleet, adding that “in less than five months we have received seven aircraft, and they are in operation. That is more than could be expected”.

Last January, Islamic Republic of Iran was delivered a A321 as its first new aircraft to Iran Air in over two decades.

Two months later, Iran Air received the first A330-200, and then 20 days later the second A330 as the third aircraft with four ATR 72s received in May, Parvaresh said.

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