Iran launches 1st South Pars gas platform

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Iran has installed the first natural gas production platform in its South Pars gas field, says the operator of Phase 19 development.

‘With the launch of the sea structure, Iran is expected to extract 500 million square feet of natural gas from the gas field it shares with Qatar in the Persian Gulf,’ said Hamid-Reza Masoudi on Wednesday.

Weighing 2700 tons, the C-19 gas platform was constructed and installed in a period of 68 months which, compared to other South Pars projects, has been launched in a shorter time span.

The gas platform is expected to boost production in the South Pars SPD-2 platform by 500 million square feet by the winter this year, he said.

The operator of Phase 19 development of the South Pars gas field also said that 95 percent of the job, regarding the launching of the new platform, has been completed and the remaining five percent is going to be done on the sea location.

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