Largest Korean IT company after capturing Iranian market

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The most famous and largest South Koran information technology and communication (ITC) company POSCO voiced enthusiasm to have a broad share in Iranian market during post-sanctions era.

POSCO officials said on Wednesday that keeping in mind the highly competitive IT market, precise planning for ensuring a durable presence in the Iranian market is necessary.
In addition to the ITC field, POSCO is famous for producing various precise electronic equipment such as airports’ control tower systems, but the company’s major internationally recognized expertise is highly durable steel.
South Korean Yonhap News Agency reported that the POSCO has argued that any delay in programming for attendance in the Iranian market in the post-JCPOA era will lead to losing the potential great benefits in the thirsty Iranian market.
The Western and Eastern countries started a tight competition after Iran and six world powers (UNSC Big 5 plus Germany) signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
After Russia and China that have been Iran’s major economic partners during the sanctions era, South East Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan and Malaysia seem to have special programs for economic interactions with Iran in the post-sanctions era.

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