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Bushehr Province has the capacity for investment in marine and coastal tourism, aquafarming as well as agricultural and mineral products processing industries, said Governor General Mostafa Salari on Sunday.

Addressing a meeting with a number of Chinese private sector investors to review the priorities of economic activities in Bushehr, he said with respect to the considerable capacity of the province in the marine and coastal sector, tourism in this sector is of top priority.
He also mentioned that Bushehr enjoys a special status in fisheries and aquaculture, and 60 percent of the farmed shrimp in the country is produced in the province.
Salari stressed that the shrimps produced in Bushehr are among the high quality ones in the world.
The governor general said the province has over 900 km of marine border with the Persian Gulf and this provides an important opportunity for investment in various sectors including aquaculture.
Enumerating the capacities of the province with respect to production of pharmaceutical herbs, he said investment in production of pharmaceutical herbs including Aloe Vera is among other investment priorities of Bushehr.
Salari also laid emphasis on the mineral capacities of the province saying that there are good potentials for development of mineral products processing industries. He added that investment in this field will be supported.
The governor general referred to date products processing industries and downstream petrochemical industries among other potentials of the province for investment.
Since it is a coast province, he said, it has easy access to other parts of the world. He noted that necessary grounds for export activities are prepared in the area.

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