Indonesian VP calls for Iranian company’s participation in infrastructure

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Indonesian Vice-President Jusuf Kalla called for expansion of constructive and growing relations with Iran and underlined his country’s interests to develop economic ties with Tehran.

He made the remarks in his work office in Jakarta on Thursday while receiving Iran’s Ambassador to Indonesia Valiollah Mohammadi and a number of directors of Iranian companies active in infrastructural projects.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Indonesia Abdurrahman Mohammad Fachir also attended the meeting.

Referring to constructive and growing relations between the two countries in different fields, Jusuf Kalla expressed his country’s interests for cooperation with Iran in infrastructural projects.

He said that Indonesia’s development planning basically focuses on infrastructures.

In this direction, Indonesia wants to increase 35,000 megawatts of electricity to its electric generation capacity in next five years.

Kalla said that government has plans to build freeways in other islands of the country as well as construction of one million small houses for low income people.

He expressed hope that the Iranian companies would participate in these projects.

Referring to good relations between the two countries, Valiollah Mohammadi presented explanations concerning abilities and capacities of Iran in different fields of energy, electricity generating power plants, construction of freeways and dam.

He added that Iranian the companies are ready to compete in the Indonesian market.

He also condemned terrorist event in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, on Thursday.

Directors of Iranian companies attending the meeting explained their respective companies’ capabilities in different fields of construction of electric power plants, construction of dam, freeways, offering engineering and technical services, construction of water and waste water management system, exporting different types of agricultural corps, energy, marine installations.

Kalla and Mohammadi also answered questions by reporters concerning the outlook of bilateral cooperation.

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