Iran, India, Afghanistan sign Chabahar agreement

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Iran, India and Afghanistan on Monday signed an agreement on establishment of an international corridor between the three countries – known as Chabahar agreement.

The agreement was signed in Tehran in the presence of heads of state of the three countries.

In a joint press conference with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Hassan Rouhani said that Chabahar will serve as the starting point of the transit corridor between the South and East and between the South and North.

Once the railway between Chabahar and Zahedan and the railway between Zahedan and Sarakhs are completed, the Port of Chabahar can turn into a point joining different countries, including, India, Afghanistan, Central Asian countries, Caucasus and Eastern Europe, the president said.

After the signing ceremony, President Rouhani, Narendra Modi and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani attended a joint press conference.

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