Iran, Japan agree on comprehensive investment project worth $10bn

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Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Harirchi said on Saturday that Iran and Japan have reached a comprehensive agreement for $10 billion investment, major portion of which presumably dedicated for the health sector.

Harirchi, speaking in a ceremony to ink an agreement with a Japanese delegation, hoped that expansion of cooperation between Iran and Japan will lead to a drastic change in the health services.

He said Iranian and Japanese officials have agreed on establishment of two hospitals by the Japanese government, which is hoped to be implemented so speedily.

He also hoped for cooperation between Iran and Japan in construction of hospitals with more than 1,000 beds as well as mobilization and state-of-art management of the centers running based on the latest information technology.

Also referring to the Iran Health Exhibition in Tehran, Harirchi said Japanese Minister of Health will be invited to be present in the inaugural meeting.

The official said under present junctures, such countries as Germany, Italy, Korea and China have expressed readiness for construction and mobilization of medication centers in Iran.

He concluded that Japan will also support the breast screening project to check spread of cancer in Iran.

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