Iran-Switzerland urge more economic cooperation on Eurasia

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The vice president of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce in a meeting with his counterpart from Switzerland’s Canton Ticino urged the expansion of banking relations and utilizing Eurasia capacity for expanding trade between Iran and Switzerland.

Pedram Soltani in the meeting with Marco Passalia pointed to an Iranian delegation’s visit to Switzerland last October and declared that another delegation is on its way to that country.

Pointing to the banking, tourism, technology, pharmaceuticals, services and many other fields of cooperation, the official predicted a good future for the economic ties between the two countries as a result of the Joint Iran-Switzerland Council.

Soltani also urged private sectors of the two countries to pave the way for banking relations as one of the main prerequisites for economic ties.

Describing Iran-Switzerland’s cooperation as unsatisfactory for the time being, he stressed that Switzerland Irann could boost cooperation with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) through its collaboration with Iran.

Soltani explained that since Iran is going to be a Eurasian Economic Union soon, the business opportunity should be utilized the most, as the region is ideal for exports.

“Iranian and Swiss companies could launch joint activities in different fields, with exporting to the CIS as part of their agenda’, he added.

Passalia, for his part, emphasized that his country’s current focus is on a few countries, adding that Russia, Kazakhistan and Iran are among the main export, trade and joint economic cooperation targets of Switzerland.

Pointing to the Iranian delegation to Switzerland as composed of energy, steel, and banking activists, he predicted that in foreseeable future, big agreements would be signed between the two countries.

He welcomed Iran’s Chamber vice president’s suggestions on trade with Eurasia, and expressed his country’s interest in trade with the region.

Vice president of Switzerland’s Canton Ticino Chamber of Commerce also stressed on the importance of free trade to his country, adding that Switzerland has signed 39 agreement in the field with various regions all over the world.

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